Kinna and Gene desire to live in a world where all humans are respected and treated equally by other humans.

They desire to live in a world where animals are respected for who they are and treated with compassion and dignity.

Gene and Kinna fully support the protection of wild areas on the planet as well as laws and regulations which minimize the human impacts on the earth. They believe humans should strive to live side by side with other species in a respectful and empathetic way.


We only use positive reinforcement training as specified by the Karen Pryor Clicker Training certification program. This means we will never use force, punishment, negative pressure (physically or verbally) in any part of our training with your animals. Instead, we focus entirely on the behaviors we’d like to see your animal accomplish, help them understand how to perform them, and provide them with lots of positive incentive. We find the animals love this approach as much as we do!

(Formerly Mountain Hooves & Paws)

We want you to enjoy the best life possible with your animal!  We also want your animal to have the best possible life!  The key?  A fun training program that:

  • is developed by animal behaviorists and is science based
  • uses only positive reinforcement methods
  • develops clear and consistent communication
  • creates trusting partnerships
  • fosters willingness to work together
  • increases calm and lessens stress
  • is adaptable for each individual animal and his/her needs & challenges
  • and much more!