If you can’t start up with lessons right away, or if you would like to consult with us about training and how to manage your animal, we suggest you contact us for a consultation.

We offer two types of consultations. 

30 Minute Consultation

  • A 30 minute assessment/consultation via phone. If you have an animal and you’re not sure if training is the correct approach, or you’d like to understand the issues your dog is experiencing, we recommend this approach.  Please contact us if you’re interested! 
  • The cost is $35 for the half hour.

1 Hour 15 Minute Behavior Consultation

  • A 75 minute consultation at the Training Center in Saranac Lake, NY, via Zoom, or even at your home with an extra travel fee.  This is an opportunity for us to meet you and your dog/s in order to provide you with a professional evaluation.
  • The cost is $80 for the 75 minutes.

What to expect from a 1 hr 15 minute behavior consultation with Animal Connection Training:

  • We will spend some time speaking with you, hearing your training goals, and meeting your dog.  We will talk about how to recognize calming and stress signals in your dog. Then, we will offer the next steps, recommendations for how to start up a training program – which can include management options to help your dog maximize the desirable behaviors – and resources to get you started!  We will also answer any questions you have about training with a marker signal and positive reinforcement training methods.
  • The consultation includes a treat pouch as well as Turid Rugaas’s book, “On Talking Terms with Dogs.”
  • Our goal is to set you up for success by providing you with professional resources and knowledge about your dog and his/her behaviors!

  • We highly encourage you to bring materials to take notes during the consultation.
  • If you feel you’d like to start a training program with us, we offer a 10% discount on a private lesson packages with Animal Connection Training.

Please contact us via our Contact Page!