We have an exciting Horse Program here at Animal Connection Training! We use reward based, positive reinforcement training in order to reach new heights in the relationship between you and your horse.

Kinna works with rescue horse Cocoa at a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar.

Our unique program includes:

  1.  Techniques for gentle, respectful in-hand handling of your horse
  2. Problem solving skills for challenging issues such as foot handling, trailer loading, and helping your horse feel comfortable in highly distracting situations
  3. Introduction to the latest science in recognizing equine emotional and stress signals
  4. Application and understanding of the Click to Calm method
  5. Presentation and practice of the Masterson Method – an equine bodywork program where your horse will be a participant in releasing stress and promoting healing (see: The Masterson Method)
  6. Saddle training techniques using comfortable tack and starting at the mounting block
  7. Basic riding techniques to maximize horse comfort and understanding

We also will help you with specific issues for horses who have dealt with abusive or neglectful situations in their past.

A comfortable horse is our goal!

Recommended Program Length (dependent upon where you and your horse are starting):

Basic introduction (trained horse with no particular issues): 6 Lesson Package

Green Horse (some in-hand training already and no saddle training): 12 Lesson Package

Rescue Horse (horse with possible abuse issues in the past who displays fear or reactivity to people, tack, other horses, or certain situations): 12 Lesson Package

Riding Program (can be joined with other programs): 6 Lesson Package (+ more depending upon the proficiency desired)

Advanced Training (add-on lessons to train specific techniques): 3 Lesson Packages

These are all recommendations – we are flexible and will work with you to come up with the best program to meet you and your horse’s needs! You can read more about our horse program here.

Please contact Gene and Kinna for more information.