We offer professional private lessons for clients:

  • at our training center in Saranac Lake, NY
  • in client homes within our service area with a travel fee
  • via Zoom for distance clients
  • and/or a combination of these options

Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to become a positive reinforcement trainer yourself.  We will be your guides as you understand a fun, entirely positive way of interacting and training your animal.

*By the way, if you’re looking for some dog socialization during your private lessons, we have our own dogs to help out.  We can usually start introducing them by the third lesson (after you’ve learned the basic clicker mechanical skills and taught your dog a few behaviors).*


If your dog & you would like additional services, please review the upgrade options below!


  • For Basic Manner Lessons: Your dog will learn basic behaviors such as attention to handler, settling on a mat, polite greetings, beginning recall, beginning loose leash walking
  • Our program is flexible and adjustable to where your dog is currently at with training.

  • You and your puppy will learn basic training skills, communication, and management tools to minimize frustration and promote confidence and comfort with family members, strangers, other dogs, and new experiences.
  • You’ll receive monthly emails until your pup is an adult (a little over a year old) with tips to understand & handle different life stages.

  • For Reactive Dogs: In addition to basic training and communication skills, you and your dog will learn all positive specific training & management techniques to lessen your dog’s reactivity towards other dogs and/or humans. We teach methods utilized by veterinary behaviorists. These methods are based on up to date science & research.
  • We usually start with the basics of training to create a learning bond between you and your dog. But, the program is flexible and we can adjust to your dog’s current learning level!

If viewing the chart below on a mobile device, you’ll need to scroll to read details on right.

Private Lessons Six Lesson PackageNew Puppy Package
Nine Lesson Package
Cost Per Package$375$395$485
Lesson Number6 Lessons6 Lessons9 Lessons
Suggested Time to Complete Package2 Months2 Months3 Months
Includes Treat Pouch, Calming Signals Book, & Clickers
Puppy Book: Your Puppy and You: A Step-by-step Guide to Raising a Freak’n Awesome Dog
Credit of $15 off price if sign up for online Bring Your Dog Someplace New
Recommended Training ProgramsBasic Manners,
Adolescents, Intermediate/Advanced Training Options
Precious PuppiesReactive Dog Program,
Rescue Dogs,
Intermediate/Advanced Training Options, Service or Therapy Dog Preparation
Private Lessons and Flexibility of Program
Puppy to Adult Monthly Emails (10 total) with information about Puppy and Adolescent Physical and Emotional Stages
Access to Client Portal Online Supportive Materials
Private LessonsSix Lesson PackageNew Puppy PackageNine Lesson Package


If your dog has more complex issues and you’d like extracurricular help from us – or motivation for your own training between lessons, please take advantage of our training upgrades. We are here to help you and your dog in any way we can!

Upgrades to Lesson PackagesIndividual Assessment & Training PlanExtra Support Between Lessons
Upgrade Cost$125$45 (3 meetings) to $80 (6 meetings)*
Scheduled regular 15 minute individual meetings between lessons with lead trainers Kinna or Gene*
Opportunity to dive deeper into your dog’s health and behavior history – in order to find effective solutions
Detailed questionnaire to be completed before first lesson
Written assessment of where your dog is currently at, written training & behavior modification plan
Written summary of assessment and plan – for your dog’s veterinarian(s), groomers, and other service providers
Individualized collection of training/behavior tip sheets
* These meetings are set up for weekly check-ins – which we have found are best for motivation and training clarity. If you don’t use your 15 minute slot, it will NOT be carried over to next week.

Cancellation Policy:  Any lesson cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson time will count as a lesson.  If you cancel more than 24 hours before your lesson, that’s fine!

Travel Rate = $5-40/lesson (depending upon your location)

You are more than welcome to meet us at our Saranac Lake training center for private lessons – and avoid the fee!


We only use positive reinforcement training as specified by the Karen Pryor Clicker Training certification program. This means we will never use force, punishment, negative pressure (physically or verbally) in any part of our training with your animals. Instead, we focus entirely on the behaviors we’d like to see your animal accomplish, help them understand how to perform them, and provide them with lots of positive incentive. We find the animals love this approach as much as we do!