Separation anxiety in dogs is treatable – with a commitment from the dog’s carers to an actual training program.  This training program can take multiple months to complete – and might even involve the help of medication if the dog’s situation is severe.  But, it is possible to find peace for your dog (and you)!

At Mountain Hooves & Paws, we use Malena DeMartini’s program as guidance.  She has developed a comprehensive, step by step approach to separation anxiety.  The program involves multiple steps – we’ll provide you with homework to complete every day and opportunities to check in via phone or Zoom (the training is all done where your dog gets anxious).

We can sign you up for a specific separation anxiety program, or combine the work into our general training packages.  We do find that our positive training program helps the dogs in the separation anxiety program – just because these dogs are used to learning and are more “primed” for understanding what is happening during the separation training.

In other words, if your dog has little to no training/learning experience, we recommend a combination of our training packages with the separation training program.

Please visit Malena DeMartini’s website to learn a bit more about how we’ll approach the separation training for your dog.  Here’s the link:

Malena DeMartini

And, of course, please contact us for more information!

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