Gene and Britta in Acadia National Park, Maine

Good training is the basis for making your vacations fun for you and your animals!  You’ll need solid, reliable behaviors for everything from staying in hotels, to walking on beaches, to walking among tourists in a crowded village.

For staying in hotels or inns — or even at campgrounds — you’ll need a strong attention getting cue, a “quiet” cue, crate training comfort, and a general feeling of comfort eating in strange places and being able to play to release any tensions.

For exploring the areas surrounding your vacation destination, you’ll need a solid off leash recall, possibly Click to Calm skills so your dog can see other dogs and people without being concerned, great leash walking skills, and the ability to feel comfort meeting strangers.

Laddie on Cape Cod

For exploring local villages, you’ll need strong polite walking skills with some verbals to help your dog know when you’re stopping, how long he/she is expected to hang out while you window shop or chat with other vacation goers.  You’re dog should be able to see other dogs, too, and feel comfortable either walking by the dogs, or take your direction to cross a street and re-focus where you’d like.


We’d love to put together a training package to help you have a wonderful vacation with your animals.  Let us know!